Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Thought

So you might call me strange, or super sensitive, or whatever for having this blog and for some of the things I say, but it's me and sometimes like to share thoughts with others.   Mostly I want to be able to bless other lives in some way.  I don't really know how, but I like to try...

I've been thinking about how amazing girls/women are.  Not just because I'm a guy and am attracted to them, but for who they really are.  So many girls have had an amazing impact on my life.  They have a social and spiritual maturity above and beyond what us guys can reach. You may think that this is an over-exaggeration because yes there are dumb/immature girls.  But in general, they are so much better than the male race.  As I look back at my life and think of the people that have helped me to be a better person and to be who I am, I can think of a lot of people; The majority of them being females.  It's the girls that helped me to gain confidence in myself.  They helped me to prepare for my mission, lifted me up on my mission, and have supported me through day to day life.  Most of the best conversations I've ever had have been with the women that have blessed my life.  I have a deep respect for women that hopefully I show outwardly. You may even be able to call me a feminist.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say.  Basically I just want to thank you all (ladies) for being who you are and for blessing our lives.  Every single General Authority talks about he attributes who he is to his wife.  That is something to be said.  Thank you for having standards.  Thank you for helping us to see things the way you see them.  Thank you for being humble and examples of the believers.  Thank you for putting up with us and being so patient.  Thank you for your purity and virtue.

I like to think that I am old fashioned.  I believe in a thing called chivalry, which is becoming a lost art.  I'm not perfect at it, but i work on it.  Women deserve to be treated like the beautiful daughters of God that they are.  Nothing makes me more angry than seeing a daughter of God being mistreated, and it tears me up inside to see one cry.

Most of this comes from the example of my mother.  She has helped to be who I am and helped to realize the important things in life.  I owe her so much for everything she has done for me and taught me.  I look up to her so much.

Like I said, all women deserve to be treated properly, and you have the right to demand that proper treatment. Teach us a lesson.  Let us know what needs to be fixed.

I am so very grateful for all of you women who have blessed my life in so many ways.  Most of you don't even realize how much you have helped me and those around you.  If it wasn't for the women in my life I wouldn't be anywhere and would be a waste of space. ;)

They say about women that "you can't live with them, and you can't live without them."  There is no doubt that we can't live without them.  A country song says something to the effect that "they say that every good man has a women behind him, but I'd have her by my side."

I don't say these things to get an in or to act like I'm better than anyone else.  I am far from perfect, but I'm working at it, I always will, progressing day by day.  I just want you girls to know how special you are and what an impact you have on our (male race) lives.  I don't know if everyone realizes that.

If I'm stupid for sharing this with the world, let me know, and I'll keep it to myself.

President N. Eldon Tanner -

"Girls, you are of great strength and support to the men in your lives, and they sometimes need your help most when they are least deserving. A man can have no greater incentive, no greater hope, no greater strength than to know his mother, his sweetheart, his wife, or his daughter has confidence in him and loves him. And men should strive every day to live worthy of that love and confidence."

"And girls, don’t underestimate your influence on your brothers and your sweethearts. As you live worthy of their love and respect, you can help greatly to determine that they will be clean and virtuous, successful and happy. Always remember that you can go much further on respect than on popularity."


  1. Tom!! That is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing that. The world needs to hear it. You are a sweetheart!! Your parents have certainly taught you well. Give them a hug for me (and your grandma too)!!

  2. marry me??
    haha tom you are seriously the greatest ever. thank you for everything you have done!! I am going to miss our chats in biology and in the library! i still remember sitting in the library with you and you just looked at me and got everything out of me! haha you are the best!