Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good Times..

Had some good times this week.  Relived some past memories with the guys.  Went biking and I'm excited about getting more into it.

Also had a guys temple trip, with chili's for dinner.  The temple is such a wonderful place, so peaceful and calming.  It is great having friends that build you up and help make you a better person.  Not many groups of friends could all go to the temple together or would want to.  Having the Gospel in my life is such a blessing.  That eternal perspective gives me purpose and drive from day to day.  I wish I could go back to the spiritual plane of my mission.  Gotta work day to day to get back there.  I never was happier than during those two years.  I can't believe I've been home a year already.  Time flies by as if it were a dream; and that is both good and bad.

Natalie, Gordy, & I walked to 7- eleven and got slurpees, brought back some good childhood memories. I love that our family is so close.  I don;t know many families that still spend a lot of time together into their early to late 20's.

Also got a call from the Marriott School of Management.  I guess there were some changes and now I am accepted!  Love it when things work out like that.  I constantly see how blessed I am and wonder why I deserve it.

Random picture of Nate planking near the top of Mount Olympus..

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  1. Conrats Tom!! BLESSINGS! :) It always works out the way it's supposed to!