Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Blessed

  At times I sit here and wonder why I am so blessed.  Its so easy to sit here and sulk, worrying about all the things that aren't going how I would like them to.  But in the end I realize how blessed I truly am.  I forget who talked about it, but there are really angels all around us, watching over us.  D&C 84:88 - He is on my right hand and on my left.  His angels are round about me to bear me up.  When I look back at my life, and even today, I realize that angels are lifting me to higher heights.  We can have a huge impact on someones life even by doing the smallest things.  A compliment makes a world of change on a down trodden spirit.  Heavenly Father knows that I over analyze and have a natural tendency to put myself down and worry, and he is always there to lift me, but not before I learn something or grow from the experience.  I hate the natural man inside of me, but yet it is such a blessing and a wonderful teacher.

Thanks to those angels in my life and all who have helped me.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated by me, and all those that you bless.

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