Saturday, April 28, 2012


Anyone ever wish that they weren't human? That you weren't the natural man? That you could do everything perfect and right, amidst the knowledge that difficulty and struggle in all things is what makes us stronger and grow?

Ever felt like you just can't get anything right? Is that just something that happens to slap you in the face and make you realize that you need to work harder?

Will there be a day when we can say that we are pretty much perfect?

Why is it that we are so prone to observe others and not ourselves? To pick out others faults and not our own?

What makes cool and not cool? What is it within us that determines what we think is acceptable and what isn't?

What is it that makes us worry and over-think things? Why does being tired make us more prone to do so?

What gives people the right to judge others? Why do we all do it?

What makes others think they can belittle or demean others? Do we all have a superiority complex? Is Satan becoming more clever?

Why do we worry so much about what others say or think about us?

Why are some people always smiling no matter what? Why can't we all do that?

Why do we sometimes understand how things should be and have the drive and motivation but don't fully follow through?

Why is that we all can ask why questions all day long and not realize what we do know?

Why is it that we can't understand what something done or said means to someone else or how it affects someone else? Wouldn't it be easier to be able to read minds?

One day we will all get it right. One day we will understand the meaning and reason behind it all. One day we will realize that forgetting ourselves is more important. One day we will completely rely on our Redeemer.

"From the outside looking in you can never understand it...from the inside looking out we can never explain it."

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